… Why do I choose Semey Geological Prospecting College?

Semey Geological Prospecting College has set itself the task of training competent and efficient specialists possessing working skills.

An important point in training at a college is the availability of compulsory industrial practical training, while at a university it may not be available or you yourself will need to look for a job in your free time. Industrial practical training gives you experience and more chances to be employed after graduation.

According to statistics, college graduates are more in demand in the labor market. As a rule people graduating from college get a job according to their specialty, and also can continue working in the place of their practical training.

In addition, a college graduate has an opportunity to get higher education.

Semey Geological Prospecting College annually recruits applicants who are ready:

  • to learn the secrets of the earth’s crust structure and other geological spheres;
  • to trace the planet evolution and unravel the regularities of useful mineral formation;
  • to kindle campfires and endure the difficulties of the nomadic life of the discoverers
  • to observe ,collect and analyze the facts;
  • to work in laboratories, at the dashboard or at the computer.

Only physically strong , sociable, responsive, resourceful and courageous people can become qualified specialists in the field of subsoil use.


Our college offers the following specialties:

0701000 “Geological surveying, prospecting and exploration the deposits of useful minerals”, 0701073 «geological technician»

0702000 “Technology and technique of exploration the deposits of useful minerals ” 0702073 «mining technician»

0703000 “Hydrogeology and engineering geology”, 0703023   hydrogeological technician

0704000   “Geophysical methods of prospecting and exploration the deposits of useful minerals ”, 0704063 – geophysical technician

1514000, “Ecology and rational use of natural recourses in the field of subsoil us” , 1514063 chemical analysis laboratory assistant

List of documents

Documents required for full-time applicants:

  1. Certificate of education (original):
  2. Medical certificate form No. 086-U
  3. Fluorography (snapshot and its description for the current year);
  4. Color photographs of 3×4 size -4 pieces;

Foreigners and stateless people submit a document,

determining their status, with a note of registration at the place of residence:

1) foreigner – a residence permit of a foreigner in the Republic of Kazakhstan;

2) stateless person – a certificate of a stateless person;

3) refugee – refugee certificate;

4) asylum seeker – certificate of asylum seeker;

5) oralman – certificate of oralman.

Applicants  or their parents, legal representatives must

present an identity card, passport or birth certificate or a replacing document.

Admission commission

To organize the acceptance of applications for education, entrance examinations and selection of students, an admission commission is established which begins working on June, 17.

Applications for training are accepted:

  • for full-time education from June 20 to August 20;
  • for part-time education from June 20 to September 20.

Entrance examinations are held:

  • for full-time education from August 1 to August 28;
  • for part-time education from August 1 to September 25.




Responsible manager


Western region


A. E. Tuktabaeva


Central and Northern regions


M. Zh. Zhandeldinova


Southern region


G.M. Mustafina


Eastern region


Sh.O. Ibraeva

In the case of specifying the health state the admission commission sends an applicant for an additional medical examination to determine the actual health state , taking into account his/her professional specifics


Entrance examination

For full-time education:

School-leavers of 9th grades pass entrance examinations in August in three periods at college or at the place of applicants’ residence in any region of Kazakhstan.

In the second case, the examination is conducted by a visiting commission, working according to its particular schedule. Examinations are held on the following subjects:

  • Kazakh language (for School-leavers with the Kazakh language of instruction);
  • Russian language (for School-leavers with the Russian language of instruction);
  • Mathematics (specialized subject).

School-leavers of 11th grades can take entrance exams:

  • Kazakh language – dictation (for School-leavers with the Kazakh language of instruction);
  • Russian language – dictation (for School-leavers with the Russian language of instruction);
  • Mathematics (orally);
  • History of Kazakhstan (orally) – at college without passing unified national testing (UNT).

Only three subjects grades  indicated above are taken into account from the UNT certificates, (specialized subject is mathematics).

To be well-prepared for entrance examinations, applicants are offered a program for entrance examinations preparation in all subjects.

To participate in entrance examinations and competition it is necessary to submit documents and an application to the admission commission of the Geological Prospecting College of Semey (cabinet No. 1) or to regional representatives or managers of the Career  guidance, employment and monitoring department.

Admission rules

Education fee

Full-time tuition for 2018-2019 is185,000 (one hundred and eighty-five thousand) tenge which is paid in 4 periods  + 15,000 (fifteen thousand) tenge for public organization “SGRK” membership

Payment by periods can be paid according to the following schedule:

Schedule of payment in 2018-2019 academic year on a commercial basis:

October, 1 – 30%, December, 15 – 30%, March, 1 – 20%, May, 1 – 20%

The sum of the first period is paid fully. The remaining amount can be paid monthly, weekly, but in accordance with the checksums and deadlines indicated above.

Dormitory payment:

  • Budgetary student accommodation in a dormitory is free
  • Commercial student accommodation is 4000 (four thousand) tenge per month, the total amount is 40 000 (forty thousand) tenge for 10 months.
  • In case of leaving the hostel, the unused amount is refunded.

Tuition and dormitory payment must be made at ATF Bank, indicating the student data, payment name and bank details:

БИН 990340004770

ИИК KZ21826F1KZTD2999068


Филиал АО “АТФБанк” в г. Семей

КБЕ 16

Open Day

One of the important events in the life of the college is Open Day. This event is held with the involvement of rental buses to deliver students to college. During the event, applicants have an opportunity to familiarize with the resource base of the college, learn about the specifics of work in the specialty, listen to career guidance information, accompanied by video materials, and also receive an information booklet about the college and preparatory courses.

In 2017  1,701 students from 37 schools visited the college on Open Day, in 2018 – 1,822 students from 37 schools, in 2019. – 2191 students from 39 schools.

According to the indicative plan, admission of applicants in the 2018-2019 academic year was 208 people on the basis of  the 9th grade, on the basis of 11 grade – 58 people. There were 144 graduates in2018-2019 academic year

Career guidance

Nowadays the development of educational services market is particularly intensive and it makes the college correspond to new principles and conditions.

Competition in the education market makes educational organizations to conduct active marketing activities and win their own market segment.

The main mission of the college is to recruit and employ graduates with a view to successful social adaptation. For this purpose, since 2001, the department of career guidance, employment and monitoring has been functioning in the college. The tasks of this department are:

  • Organization of events to attract Applicants to college.
  • Planning and organizing of promotional events.
  • Organization of the college cooperation with schools and other educational organizations to inform and attract Applicants.
  • Collection of information about TVSE (Technical and Vocational Secondary Education) organizations located in different regions of Kazakhstan and abroad.
  • Organization of industrial traineeship for college students.
  • Organization of employment of alumni after graduation.
  • Situation analysis and forecasting on the labor market.
  • Alumni monitoring within 3 years after the graduation.

The department pays great attention to the vocational guidance of school graduates in 14 regions of the republic.

The managers of the department are conducting tedious work using the latest information technologies and elements of marketing activities.

Career guidance has been implemented systematically in the following areas:

  • work with 9 and 11 grades students of secondary schools,
  • work with parents
  • collaboration with employers.

One of the most effective career guidance activities is “Open Doors Day”. This day school graduates get acquainted with different specialties, with non-physical resources of the college and they are provided with information material.

Schedule of school attendance by regions:


Manager’s data

Career guidance

Collection of documents

West Kazakhstan

Taktubayeva Assel Erlanovna



South Kazakhstan

Mustafina Gulnur Maulethanovna



North Kazakhstan

Zhandeldinova Marzhan Zhumagalievna



Central Kazakhstan

Zhandeldinova Marzhan Zhumagalievna



East Kazakhstan

Ibrayeva Shynar Omashevna



Applicants are also able to contact career counselors locally.

One of the activities of the Career Department Guidance, Employment and Monitoring is collaboration with the employers of the exploration industry which contributes to the organization of practice and employment of graduates.

The main requirement of the educational process is the organization of pre-diploma and industrial traineeship. In terms of time, duration and content training is organized in accordance with the requirements of State Compulsory Standard of Education.

Work on the organization of pre-diploma and industrial traineeship begins well before the period of practice. The Department of Career Guidance, Employment and Monitoring managers collect applications from employers for vacant positions. Students have an opportunity to go to all regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as to CIS and foreign countries.

The distribution of students for practice and employment of graduates is conducted according to the current rating system, which displays the process of progress, attendance and participation in public life of the College. Students with high ratings go through practical training at the best companies.

The main feature of the College work is the number of employed graduates.

Employment is the result of work, its ultimate goal.

Graduating from College 60% are employed immediately after, the remaining 40% are subject to employment within a year, and the rest of specialties within 3 years.

The work distribution is carried out according to the accumulative final rating for the entire period of studying.

Out of the rating:

  • students who studied under a 3-party agreement with the company
  • if the order is registered (by place of residence, at the end of the traineeship or paper presentation)
  • orphans
  • for self-employment.

According to the results of the distribution to work, everyone is given a “job referral”. This job placement is one of the elements of graduates monitoring.

Graduates monitoring is carried out during 3 years from the moment of employment. Monitoring tools are:

  • Organization to work, through confirmation of arrival;
  • Monitoring list. Request of information about graduates employment directly from industrial enterprises;
  • Call alumni of the College;
  • Exchange of photos from traineeship and advanced training courses while working in the industry;

Graduates monitoring of during their professional experience, directly at industry enterprises during planned business trips of The Department of Career Guidance, Employment and Monitoring managers

Exemplary work plan for spring period

 of the Department of Career Guidance, Employment and Monitoring

Name of event



Consideration and processing of items in admission rules regarding student enrollment. Indicate the number of admission score required at admission, enter the gradation to convert the traditional mark into score


Carrying out career guidance work with students of secondary schools of the East Kazakhstan region using presentation material (posters, brochures, college presentation)


Carrying out career guidance work with students of secondary schools in the Northern and Central regions of Kazakhstan


Carrying out career guidance work with students of secondary schools of the Western region of Kazakhstan


Carrying out career guidance work with students of secondary schools of the Southern region of Kazakhstan



Conducting testing for secondary school graduates of the Northern, Central, Southern, Western regions of Kazakhstan



Organization of meetings with parents of applicants from other regions of Kazakhstan

Conducting individual consultations with parents of applicants


Organization of Open Day for students of secondary schools in Semey


Interaction with career counselors in the regions



Continuing cooperation with industry enterprises, establishing relations with new enterprises in the mining, oil, and exploration industries



contacts of Managers of the Department of Career Guidance, Employment and Monitoring



within a month




within a month




April -May




April –May



April –May





April –May




as they arrive



as they apply








during the year


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