Geological Prospecting College is an educational institution with established educational system open to the introduction of modern educational technologies, functioning in the interests of students, teachers, employers and other interested parties, professional technicians that are in demand on the labour market with the knowledge and skills of working in conditions of the world market.

College mission

Preparation of competitive, demanded specialists willing to further self-development, for sustainable economic growth of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the modern world.

Our history

 Throughout the college history, it has  established itself as the founder of the first educational institutions on  training of geological technicians in the country and has become an authoritative educational institution.

            Initially, the geological prospecting college was called as the Kazakh Geological and Geodesy College. The opening of the Geological and Geodesy College, the first professional educational institution on training of geologists in the Kazakh SSR took place on October 31, 1931.  Its establishing was caused by the necessity  of  providing qualified specialists of the Kazakh Geological Trust “Kazgeoltrest”.

year of foundation

After the grand opening, the college accepted the first students. Many of them were representatives of geological exploration crews so they were selected without passing entrance  exams.

The teachers of first geological specialists were prominent and great scientists: G.Ts. Medoyev, V.E Gutsevich, I.I. Mashkara, V.F Bespalov, R.A Borukayev, I .N Leonenko, I.A Afanasyev and others.

On the basis of the Kazakh Geological and Geodesy College, a geological prospecting work faculty was founded, after finishing it pupils became students automatically.

In 1933 the college was renamed into the “Kazakh Geological Prospecting College”.

On the basis of the technical school in 1934, the first technical university of Kazakhstan, the Kazakh Geological Prospecting Institute appeared. In 1937 the institute separated into an independent educational institution, moved to Alma-Ata and was renamed into the Kazakh Mining and Metallurgical Institute. A little later, the institute was renamed into the Kazakh Polytechnic Institute after V I. Lenin”, and then into” Kazakh National Technical University after K.I.Satpayev”

The first educational building of the technical school was commissioned in 1935 in Semipalatinsk. In the same year, the first graduation of prospecting technicians and topographical technicians was held.  There were twenty-eight  graduates. The first alumni of the technical school became the first students of the Kazakh Geological Exploration Institute, among them:

  • G.B. Zhilinsky – Lenin Prize Laureate;
  • A.S Bogatyrev. – future Minister of Geology of the Kazakh SSR;
  • V.I Shtifanov – Lenin Prize Laureate, USSR State Prize Laureate, Kazakh SSR State Prize Laureate, Hero of Socialist Labor, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences.

The history of the Geological Prospecting College is closely connected with the formation of the geological industry of Kazakhstan. The stages of formation and development of the industry are known  for the results.

Nowadays Geological Prospecting college is a widely demanded educational institution where the number of students is about 1000 and the teaching staff is more than 80 qualified specialists. Having overcome all the difficulties of establishing, college   has become a recognizable, demanded, independent and professional educational institution training subsoil users sought after these days.